Israeli ‘escalation’ endangers US peace efforts: Abbas

Israeli ‘escalation’ endangers US peace efforts: Abbas (via AFP)

The Israeli army’s killing of two Palestinian youths in West Bank clashes jeopardises US efforts to rekindle peace talks, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said Thursday. “The Israeli government is behind this escalation,” Abbas said in a statement. “The Israeli government is responsible for the (…

NASCAR Hamlin To Miss ‘Around Six Weeks’

Hamlin to miss 'around six weeks'
(via Fox Sports)

Updated Mar 26, 2013 10:41 PM ET   Just a short time after NASCAR announced there would be no penalties handed down to Joey Logano or Denny Hamlin for their contentious racing that led to a last-lap crash Sunday at Fontana, some much worse news came for Hamlin. Hamlin is expected to miss “around…

NASCAR Final-lap Crash Overshadows Race

Final-lap crash overshadows race
(via Fox Sports)

Final lap offers fireworks at Fontana. Final lap offers fireworks at Fontana. Updated Mar 24, 2013 6:53 PM ET   Aggressive driving took over the final laps of Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Auto Club 400. One lap, Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin were battling for the lead. The next, Logano tagged the side…

NASCAR Logano Better Watch His Back

Logano better watch his back
(via Fox Sports)

Lee Spencer Updated Mar 27, 2013 10:28 AM ET   Joey Logano had better bring a tank to Martinsville Speedway on April 7. After the news that Denny Hamlin will be sidelined for about six weeks with injuries sustained from a last-lap wreck with Logano in Sunday’s Auto Club 400, there will be no shortage…

Gay Marriage: Why Presence of Chief Justice’s Lesbian Cousin At Court Matters

Gay marriage: Why presence of chief justice's lesbian cousin at court matters (via The Christian Science Monitor)

Copyright ImageClick to View Chief Justice John Roberts (l.) and fellow Supreme Court justices applaud before President Obama’s State of the Union address during a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill earlier this year. (Charles Dharapak/AP/File) Chief Justice John Roberts’s lesbian cousin will…

On Killing Medicare, Or, You Stand Up, They Run Scared

On Killing Medicare, Or, You Stand Up, They Run Scared (via

Oh, my, has there been a lot of news since we spoke last about the Potential Impending Death Of Medicare: obviously we’re going to have to talk about the implications of Osama Bin Laden’s death (but we’ll do that another day), President Obama very publicly congratulated Donald Trump for having…

NASCAR By The Way, Kyle Busch Won

By the way, Kyle Busch won
(via Fox Sports)

Watch the wild last lap at Fontana. Watch the wild last lap at Fontana. Lee Spencer Updated Mar 24, 2013 11:48 PM ET   FONTANA, Calif. Kyle Busch was not going to be denied on Sunday — but Joey Logano made damn sure that Denny Hamlin was. “I did win the race today, by the way, so that might be…

Start Carrying…Don’t Be A Lamb

As a retired educator and a wife that is still working as an elementary Principal, I am extremely sensitive towards anything education related.  When I heard the news of the latest asshole who had killed 27 children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary located in Newton, Connecticut,  I became sick and angry at the same time.

It seems sick bastards almost always choose schools for their target.  First there are usually not much of a chance for the school to have a guard, or if there is one, the number of guards is usually one!  The second reason I believe, is the dirty culprits know there is a chance of no one having a gun or weapon to protect the students or school.  This gives the opportunity to kill high numbers of people.  The third reason in my healthy opinion is that the school building has lots of entrances.  There are lots of ways to get into the building.  In many schools all the doors are open!  This makes for easy accesses to the building!   The Sandy Hook school had only one entrance allowed, but no other protection.  The kids and staff of schools are ‘sitting ducks’!  This can be changed and changed quickly.  I will now state my healthy opinion about what should be done.

Concerned citizens scream for gun control laws, although we have loads of laws.  Another law doesn’t stop anyone!  Others want guns eliminated from public ownership.  In my healthy opinion, this is a utopian idea that sounds good, but is not the answer.  My answer is plain and straight to the point.  Let the school staff carry guns for their protection as well as the kids.

I truly believe more students would be alive if the staff would have been carrying a gun!  Okay, I will probably get bombarded by accusations, and reasons why this is a stupid solution.  If you disagree, fine, but give this some thought.  Go back and look at the killings at Virginia Tech,  just some students or staff ‘packing’ might have saved lives.

Oh yeah, what about the theater in Colorado?  Give me a brake.  My wife and I have pistols and know how to shoot.  Thank the Lord we do.  I do not want to sit in a theater like lambs waiting for the slaughter.  I can go on and on about incidences that could have  been prevented or slowed down the number of deaths if only the defenseless would have had guns.  One last example is the church in Colorado that was attacked by a lone gunman.  Do you remember who kill the shooter?  It was a woman guard!  Enough said.

Let’s stop being defenseless when attacked by idiots that are betting no one has a weapon!  Learn to shoot and then carry your gun.


Laughing Is A Way To Relax



I am reminiscing about some funny occurrences in my youth, and decided to share.  In my healthy opinion, laughing is a way to relax and enjoy moments of quite time from the past, so here I go.

Bobby Tatum, would come to our baseball practice and generally irritate with his poor social habits.  You see, Bobby loved smoking cigarettes…especially butts he found on the ground.  He would spot a butt and rescue it as if he had found gold.  He would place the cigarette butt in his mouth, match light the butt, then enjoy a few puffs of his heaven.  We would act like we were puking and gagging, and tease Bobby for  his unsanitary ways.  He would just shrug and keep looking for his little nuggets.

I mentioned Bobby would irritate with the butt smoking, but he also loved to play, what we called ‘squirrel’.  This game consisted of trying to grab the other’s balls.  I know it was stupid, but once the Bobby started grabbing, we began laughing and protecting our ‘not developed manhood’.  I guarantee this game is still being played among boys around the world.  For some reason, boys think squeezing balls is funny.  Oh well, it is!


Another funny happened when my Cousin John and I were visiting with other cousins near Bandera, Texas.  This was in the early Nineteen Fifties, and they lived along a creek which provided swimming during that hot visit.  Our relatives slept in a ‘lean to’ which is a three-sided house with the roof leaning from front to back on an angle of about 45 degrees downward.  Primitive living is the order of the day…everyday when one is scant on money!

“Lean To”

The small laugh occurred when John and I followed our cousin Ruffin into the ‘lean to’ for  a snack. There was not any bread or jelly to eat.  To our surprise, Ruffin grabbed up a handful of cattle range cubes and proceeded to devour his morsels of cattle feed.  John and looked on in amazement as he proclaimed them to be a great treat!  We still laugh about our ‘afternoon treats’.  Okay, we did decline our cousins offer, and went swimming.


Luke Can Play

Susan and I went this past weekend to visit daughter Happi and family.  We wanted to see Luke play soccer, and watched an exciting game.  Blonde haired Luke is a very coordinated and fast running kid, and he scored quite a few goals.  The way we coaches of yesteryear would say, “Luke can play!”  In my healthy opinion, he is a star!  We followed the game by lunch at the Dog and Bee Pub.  Great fellowship and food, and Susan and I were proud Grandparents.

Granddaughter Lilly is growing fast and was tremendous support for her Brother Luke.  Lilly is doing well in school and making everyone proud.